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All leather that is used is 100% Genuine. The leather comes from Italy and the handbags are handmade in Canada.


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Sarah Haeberlee

Hi! My name is Sarah. I enjoy making functional (yet attractive) leather handbags.

I love sewing, ever since I was a little girl. I would even sew barbie outfits when I was 7/8 years old! I finally decided to pursue it as a small business. I love overcoming the challenges in making a high quality product. Very satisfying to me.

I enjoy making functional yet very attractive leather handbags. My handbags are made in my home (in Canada) and I purchase the leather directly from Italy. They are made of 100% genuine leather.

I am a mom, wife, cook, baker, teacher, nanny, and pretty much anything else that comes with the mom territory. I find sitting down at the sewing machine, working away on various projects, really puts my mind at ease. I put a lot of love into my handbags and the liners are carefully thought out.

I am a Christian and I am always trying to let that important part of me shine through. If you have any issues with an item, please let me know. I doubt you will but it is always nice to have a gaurantee. I am always using my prototypes of the purses that I make for you. They go through a lot yet still look amazing!

My hobbies/interests are sewing, web development (Bluefishsign), running, interior decorating, traveling, and DIY projects.