The Barcelona Chair :: Photography by Haeberlee, Photography + Design

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Christmas Cookies for Santa :: Photography by Haeberlee, Photography + Design

About Sarah

Sarah Haeberlee is a budding residential + architectural photographer.

She is an alumni for New Media Web Design and Computer Programming at Niagara College Canada. In both programs, Sarah received the Niagara Scholar Award and began working for herself as a New Media Web Designer and Developer. She worked in the web design world for 6+ years. Her focus was on grabbing the website users' attention by using captivating imagery while making sure the usability was smooth. Later on in life, Sarah decided to shift her goals to align with the family business while still utilizing what she learned in college and work experience.

Sarah's husband (Kevin) is an alumni for Construction Engineering Technology-Architecture. He is now a site superintendent for a prestigious construction company in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Kevin has been specializing in low / medium rise builds for 10+ years. Together, they have flipped houses and are now working on their first build. Sarah plans on including their build(s) as part of her growing portfolio.

It wasn't just Sarah's husband (or college) that influenced her in the design world. Sarah's house design influence came from her mother, Deborah. Deborah graduated with honours in Interior Design and Architecture in Niagara College and Brock University. She will be a key player in the new houses' design both interior and exterior.


  • Residential + Architectural Photography (and staging the scene *)
  • Residential Digital + Non Digital Marketing

*Sarah does not rent out inventory. She'll use your pieces and make (purchase) suggestions for staging purposes.

A Photo Of A Beautiful Backyard :: Photography by Haeberlee, Photography + Design


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A Christmas Ornament :: Photography by Haeberlee, Photography + Design

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