The Barcelona Chair :: Photography by Haeberlee | Branding + Photography

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A Christmas Ornament :: Photography by Haeberlee | Branding + Photography

About Sarah

Sarah Haeberlee is a multimedia designer and budding lifestyle photographer + .

She is an alumni for both New Media Web Design and Computer Programming at Niagara College Canada. In both programs, Sarah received the Niagara Scholar Award and began working for herself as a New Media Web Designer and Developer. She worked in the web design world for 6+ years. Her focus was on grabbing the website users' attention by using captivating imagery while making sure the usability was smooth. Now, she has expanded her skillset to include photography, going behind the camera.

What is Lifestyle Photography?
Lifestyle photography is an umbrella term for any style of photography that aims to portray people living their lives. A lifestyle photograph might include elements of landscape photography, portraiture, street photography, and fashion photography. (Ref:

How does that tie-in with multimedia?
Simply put, a beautiful candid photograph used online (think social media, websites, etc.) communicates much more effectvely than a staged (unnatural) photograph.

What's your focus?
To create beautiful photographs and help others with their online presence. Simple :)

A Photo Of A Beautiful Backyard :: Photography by Haeberlee | Branding + Photography


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